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Pre Bending machine

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Pre Bending Machine

It is the equipment for bending the edges by aligning and feeding regular distance the material afterbeveling the edges. It is capable of adjusting the pitch.
Steel rolling mill pre bending machine

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Technical specifications
Equipment Description Standard Specification
Pre Bending Machine External Pipe Dia ∅406 ~ 1,626mm(16″~ 64″)
Material API 5L GR B ~ X100
Plate Width 1,100 ~ 5,100mm
Plate Length 6,000 ~ 12,800mm/18,300mm
Wall Thickness 8 ~ 70mm
Plate Weight Max. 30ton
Bending Pitch Max. 1,500mm
Tool upper 5set
lower 2set
Production Rate 8 ~ 10 pcs/hr
30″ x 25.4t x 12,800mm / 18,300mm